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What are my payment options?



What is Aeropay?

Aeropay has bank-level encryption, fraud prevention, and risk reduction measures built into every layer, ensuring every payment is safe.

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How do I know if my order is confirmed?

When your order is confirmed you will receive a confirmation text that includes your order number and delivery window.

How do I complete my payment?

After selecting debit at checkout you will receive a text within a few minutes to complete your transaction.

NOTE: If ordering past our business hours (9am-11pm), the automated system will send you a text to complete payment by 9 the next morning.

Aeropay says my order is authorized but I didn’t receive a text, is my order on the way?

If you didn’t receive a confirmation text, your order hasn’t been confirmed. You won’t get charged for that authorization and you must build cart again and go through checkout. The text should come immediately after order is placed.

NOTE: this has only occurred for new customers, after creating an aeropay account this will not affect returning customers.

Why can’t I pay in cash?

Per NYS OCM all online/delivery orders must be paid for prior to going out for delivery.

Can I pay the driver?

You cannot pay the driver for your order but you can tip the driver. In fact tipping them is strongly encouraged!

How can I get in contact with my driver?

You can leave notes for the driver, on the delivery notes screen prior to checkout. You will also receive a text from your driver when your order is in route, you can use that line to communicate with your delivery driver.


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